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A Coventry MP hopes troubled black cab maker Manganese Bronze can be saved on the grounds it is a good business, rather than for "sentimental" reasons.

Labour's Geoffrey Robinson is to meet bosses at the city-based firm, which trades as the London Taxi Company, after it called in administrators.

The firm employs 288 staff, with 170 of them based at its factory in Coventry.

Mr Robinson said the taxi was a global brand but it had to remain business-like if it was to have a future.

Manganese Bronze called in administrator PricewaterhouseCoopers after failing to secure new funding.

The company had made losses for the past four years and its shares were suspended earlier this month, after a fault with the TX4 vehicle's steering box led to 400 of them being recalled.


It had been trying to secure a loan from its Chinese shareholder Geely.

Coventry North West MP Mr Robinson said he would take the firm's case to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills if investors could not be found.


Some 170 people are employed at the company's factory in Coventry

He said: "What I'd like to see them doing is to find a strong British company that will give the company a new lease of life to go forward.

"It is an iconic company.

"Quite a lot of jobs are at stake and we don't see any reason, because of an incident like a recall that can happen to any company, it should be let to go to the dogs."

Mr Robinson added: "It's known throughout the world but we can't get nostalgic about it or sentimental.

"We want to be hard-headed and business-like about it and secure it because it's a good business as well."

15 year age limit


It is proposed that there will be certain limited exemptions to the above maximum vehicle age limits.TfL proposes to begin a consultation with the taxi and PHV industry in May as to the categories of vehicle it proposes

Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy

Important Information for Taxi and Private Hire Drivers and Operators

As you may be aware, in December 2010 the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy was published which contained a wide range of initiatives aimed at reducing harmful emissions in London. The actions outlined in the strategy included initiatives focused on reducing harmful emissions from licensed taxis and private hire vehicles.

You can find a full copy of the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy on the GLA website at:

The air quality initiatives for taxis and private hire vehicles included:

From 1 January 2012 a 10 year rolling age limit will be introduced for private hire vehicles and a 15 year rolling age limit for taxis unless exempted

From 1 April 2012, unless exempted, all newly licensed private hire vehicles must, as a minimum, meet Euro 4 standards for emissions and be no older than 5 years and all newly licensed taxis must, as a minimum, meet Euro 5 standards for emissions

TfL will work with both the taxi and private hire industry to introduce eco- driving training from 2012 and to promote efficient driving techniques to reduce emissions with Eco driving elements being required for all new taxi drivers before becoming licensed

By April 2013 changing the taxi licensing regime from one combined mechanical and licensing inspection to two MOTs per annum with a basic annual taxi-related inspection undertaken by TfL

Posters explaining the age limit and Euro standard requirements are on display at SGS inspection centres and a copy of the poster is attached to this notice and can also be downloaded from the TfL website.

Private hire operators are encouraged to display the poster in areas where their drivers will see this so as they are aware of the age limits and Euro standard requirements for private hire vehicles.

Manheim Taxi Auctions


Some of you mybe aware of the auctions that take place in London now and again, normally setup by Black Horse. What you may not be aware of is that a high percentige of these vehicles are NOT elegable for use in London! The auction which took place this month, only 6 out of 19 fitted into this cattagory! DO YOUR CHECKS BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR JOURNEY! The staff at Manheim are very helpfull and are always happy to help.